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Outside Director, Independent Director    Go Kawada

Outside Director, Independent Go Kawada
Go Kawada


April 1967  Joined the National Tax AgencyHead of the Kaibara Taxation Office, Osaka RegionalTaxation BureauConsul of the Consulate-General of Japan in SanFranciscoDirector, Office of International Operation of theNational Tax AgencyCommissioner’s Secretariat Director,Administration Office, Collection Department of theNational Tax AgencyRegional Commissioner of the Sendai RegionalTaxation Bureau
September 1996  Started practice as certified tax accountant
April 1997 Professor at Department of Politics and Economics, Kokushikan University
June 2002  Chairman, Yamada & Partners Certified Public Tax Accountants' Co.
April 2003  Professor at Department of Economics, Kokugakuin University
April 2004 Professor at Guraduate School of Global Business, Meiji University
June 2004  Outside Statutory Auditor at Bandai Co., Ltd.
June 2006  Outside Statutory Auditor at Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
June 2012 Outside Auditor, DAIREI CO., LTD. (present)
June 2013 Outside Director, Nihon Unisys, Ltd. (present)
May 2015 Director, Outside, Gulliver International Co., Ltd.(current IDOM Inc.)
June 2015 Advisor, Yamada & Partners Certified Public Tax Accountants' Co. (present)