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Nihon Unisys

Director, Senior Corporate Officer Kazuo Nagai

Director  Susumu Mukai
Kazuo Nagai


April 1983 Joined the company
April 1997 Manager, Sales 1, CSS Sales, Industry & Commerce Sales 1
January 2002 Corporate Planning
April 2003 Director, Marketing and Communications, Customer Relations and Business Management
August 2003 Director, Solution Business, Service Business Development
April 2004 General Manager, Enterprise Solutions
April 2006 Deputy General Manager, Industry & Commerce
April 2008 Deputy General Manager, Airline System Project
April 2009 General Manager, Airline Business
April 2013 General Manager, Transportation & Logistics
April 2014 Corporate Officer and General Manager, Transportation & Logistics
April 2015 Corporate Officer and Unit Head
Unit 1, Business Innovation Division
April 2016 Corporate Officer
April 2017 Senior Corporate Officer
June 2020 Director, Senior Corporate Officer
April 2021 Director, Senior Corporate Officer
(Supervising: Incubation Division and BizDevOps Division)(present)