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Nihon Unisys

Dynavista modules

High performance and robust fillet creation for complex support shape
-High robustness guaranteed by specifically developed own geometric engine
-Variety of functions such as variable radius, chord length specification, variable radius/independent end
-High flexibility realized by separated or combined running of fillet creation and merger
Die face specific shape creation with simplified formability check
-Simplified forming severity evaluation functions realizes trial and error in design process.
-Easy to estimate flange expansion and spring back
-Die face specific shape creation such as extrapolated surface, addendum shape and bead
Estimation of large deformation of panel after forming
-Sophisticated die shape deformation functions which drastically decrease die design time
-Simple input for gaining deformed shape
-Strong surface deformation functions which preserve characteristics of original surfaces
Fast die structure creation with strong CAD/CAM integration
-Easy to use domain specific shape creation
-Automatic BOM creation
-Automatic transformation of design attributes to machining attributes which realizes strong association with CAM process (Dynavista Die CAM modules)
 Mold Dle desin
Fast mold die design applicable from small & medium to large scale
-Ease of use realized by maximum introduction of 2D like operation and functions
-Flexible size/position change is available
-Automatic transformation of design attributes to machining attributes which realizes strong association with CAM process (Dynavista Die CAM modules)
Dynavista DIE CAM 3D 
High performance 3-axis NC machining from roughing to finishing
-High quality NC cutter path creation with tolerance: 0.001-0.0001mm
-Automatic collision free cutter path generation
-Client server cutter path calculation management
-Plunge machining and residual stock machining
Dynavista Die CAM 2.5D 
High quality 2.5-axis NC with effective use of machining know how
-Feature based automatic machining process planning and cutter path calculation
-Automatic collision free cutter path generation
-Customer's machining know-how can be built-in.
-Tool path optimization and editing

HW and SW requirement

OS Microsoft® Windows® XP professional / Microsoft® Windows® XP professional x64 edition
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional 64bit / Microsoft® Windows® 7 Enterprise 64bit
Memory 2GB (recommended)
Disk About 3GB free disk space is required to install Dynavista
Graphic board Open GL compliant
Prerequisite SW CATIA® V5R18/R19/R20, Hybrid Design2 (HD2), Mechanical Design2 (MD2) , etc

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