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Industry Specific Solutions

Financial Services

We provide solutions for today's global competition era, including next-generation core banking systems, branch banking systems, CRM, risk management and more.


We provide all processes necessary for product development with a centralized database and optimal operating environment. We also offer powerful assistance and support for concurrent engineering.


Our rich experience in supply chain systems from manufacturing to distribution, storage and sales and various distribution channels including store, e-commerce and call center systems enable quick implementation. We support business changes in a flexible manner.


We provide service-type solutions for the transportation industry. Our solutions do not require initial implementation costs or server and system maintenance. We support our customers' safe operation and business improvement.

Central and Local Governments

We provide various solutions and services to help achieve effective governmental services that fully utilize information by supporting e-government.


We help achieve the streamlining of hospital management and overall reengineering by realizing centralized management and utilization of hospital internal data and a seamless hospital workflow.

Leasing Business

Our solution has all the required functions for core leasing operations. This flexible solution allows changes to be made quickly to support environmental changes including business restructuring and regulatory changes.


We provide a framework that enables communication companies to deploy systems for Service Order Management quickly and at low cost.


Managing news gathering work, including sharing and publishing of information for journalists and editors in the media industry.


Using our rich experience and advanced technology in industry-government-academia tie-ups, we coordinate information systematization for institutions of higher education from planning to system construction.

Social Insurance

With national and corporate pension programs growing more complicated every year, health insurance associations are facing a critical transition period. Nihon Unisys proposes solutions for solving critical issues based on our in-depth knowledge of the health insurance and pension business.

Cross-Industry Solutions

CRM / Customer Channel

"Customer FocusI - Are you creating value for your customers?"
The ultimate goal of corporate activity is to understand the customer, build a good relationship with the customer and to grow with the customer. At Nihon Unisys, we use our rich know-how in CRM analysis and our exceptional engineering skills to provide high-quality customer service and to maximize the lifetime value of our customers.
  • O2O / Omni-channel
  • One to one campaign management
  • Customer's voices analysis
  • Social media / market voices analysis
  • Customers list diagnosis
  • Call center service
  • Digital contents development
  • Information recommendation tool

BI (Business Inteligence)

We provide the concepts and solutions to achieve quick and appropriate decision making by providing accurate information to the appropriate people in the Plan-Do-Check-Action cycle of business activity.
  • Big data
  • Data archive
  • Construction tools for DWH and BI
  • Integrated BI environment
  • Data mining
  • DWH appliance
  • DWH solutions

SRM / Electronic purchasing

We provide SRM solutions and implementation services to support the achievement of strategic procurement which includes streamlining the procurement process and optimizing supplier selection.
  • Eelectronic purchasing
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Procurement and purchasing analysis

SCM / Logistics

Under the slogan "unstoppable distribution and supply chain," we use our superior field support and speed enabled by our rich experience and track record to achieve the best mix of logistics technology and ICT, supporting our customers' management and helping them achieve supply chain logistics that is friendly to the enviroment.
  • Planning support
  • Action support
  • Analysis support
  • After parts logistics

Energy Management / Environment

Energy Management
We use ICT to support efficient energy consumption and CO2 reduction towards a society that is friendly to people and the environment.
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Logistics solutions
  • Energy management system
  • Green ICT

Office Communication

Office Communication
We provide the optimal solutions for workers' location, environment and style of working, including IT infrastructure.
  • Information integration
  • Unified communication
  • Lotus Notes® migration
  • Mobile access gateway
  • Smartphone / Tablet PC

Enterprise Education

Enterprise Education
We provide services and training courses that comprehensively support human resource training for IT users and administrators. We also provide solutions that support the integrated management of group learning and e-learning in the enterprise.
  • Learning Management
  • e-Learning

ERP / Enterprise Resource Management

We strongly support concept planning to the construction, operation and improvement of management information infrastructure for Japanese companies who must support the ever-changing environment.
  • For global or large enterprises
  • For medium-sized enterprises
  • Management of fixed assets

Regional Revitalization

Regional Revitalization
We provide ecosystems that enable local communities to revitalize their economies, create new industries and jobs and improve the quality of life by enhancing safety and security.
  • Inbound tourism

Technical Infrastructure and Services

ICT Infrastructure

ICT Infra
To support the trend towards more varied system usage from "owning systems to using systems," we quickly implement various ICT infrastructure solutions and services.
  • U-Cloud® (Cloud computing service)
  • System infrastructure
  • System operation management
  • Development support
  • Web usability and design
  • Application infrastructure
  • Information security
  • IC/RFID tags
  • Unified communication
  • Thin client
  • Smartphone / Tablet PC


We provide hardware, middleware and related services that comprehensively support your systems. We propose the optimal platform for the customer - using our strength as a company supporting products from multiple vendors.
  • Mainframe computing
  • Enterprise server
  • Storage
  • Printer
  • Network
  • Open source software and Linux®
  • EAI / ETL
  • Microsoft® products
  • Oracle® services

ICT Life Cycle Services

ICT Life Cycle Services
We help optimize the entire system throughout its lifecycle to keep costs down and to make your business agile, from business process restructuring to ICT visualization, construction, implemention, maintainance, operation and training.
  • Consulting service
  • IT infrastructure optimiziation
  • Outsourcing
  • Rack housing
  • Facility design
  • System maintenance service
  • System education and training
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