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Aiming to Become a Customer-Value-Creating Company
Japanese companies now view IT as the catalyst for reforming their business models. IT is extending its reach, growing beyond merely being a means for operational streamlining to becoming a strategic management tool essential for corporate wellbeing and survival.

Nihon Unisys Group creates value for its customers by providing integrated IT solutions services that extend from the identification to the solution of corporate issues. We do this by domain knowledge that arcs across business endeavors: from finance and manufacturing to transportation and the public sector, a cross-industry know-how that we integrate with the total capabilities of the Group.
Business Outline

Consulting Services

The Group's consulting services assure seamless execution of all processes from formulation of business strategies to implementation of IT systems. The Group's expertise in IT supports companies in fully realizing their business strategies using IT, in a three-stage process that opens with "Business Innovation" proposals that recommend management reforms and business strategies. In the second stage, "Business Consulting," we elaborate on these proposals to develop business process flows and IT strategies. The third stage, "IT Consulting," sees the implementation of these plans.

The Group's strength lies in the ability to swiftly "Materialize" customers' management strategies and corporate vision through the smooth coordination and integration of all necessary processes, from upstream business consulting to downstream implementation and system integration.

IT Solutions

The Group provides a range of IT solutions in such areas as integration of information/data assets, improved customer relations, raising customer satisfaction, and speedier management--common issues that crop up in the course of running any business.

In domain-specific solutions, the Group is immersed in the development of second-generation main systems and branch office systems for Japan's financial sector, in document-management integration and electronic-application systems for government offices and agencies and municipal governments, and in providing optimized solutions for manufacturing, distribution and medical industries. We also provide support from a cross-industry perspective through provision of ERP, SRM, and CRM solutions. Enterprise resource planning systems are the core of the key information systems that provide a framework for BtoB transactions. Our supplier-relations management system offers strategic procurement and purchasing solutions and our customer relationship management system is an important means to raise profitability.

We resolve customers' business issues speedily and seamlessly by bringing together IT services that draw on skills we have cultivated in over 45 years as a system integrator, hardware offering outstanding reliability and optimized software, cutting-edge network technologies and security systems.

We have a dedicated team that is deeply involved in MicrosoftR .NET technology applications. Microsoft .NET is drawing increased attention as an effective tool for interconnecting business processes that also offers superior cost performance.

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing was originally a means to improve the efficiency of a company's related businesses and indirect business domains, but now it is a strategic management tool. Tapping the specialized knowledge and know-how of the outsourcing service provider frees corporate resources for investment in core businesses and helps resolve management issues. The Group provides outsourcing services that enhance the efficiency of the entire business process, from core IT applications to related business processes, in a timely manner. The Group is uniquely positioned to realize these comprehensive capabilities through experience and know-how gained from deep involvement in developing core IT strategies, including main system construction and network development, maintenance and operation.

The Group also provides a variety of outsourcing services, from application management outsourcing (AMO) for the full life cycle of an application to high security outsourcing, for the development of information security systems.

Support Services

The Group provides an extensive range of support services for systems ranging from main systems to multi-vendor open systems. Our support services are backed by advanced technological skills and a complete support organization. Our support services are highly rated by customers, as is repeatedly evidenced by their top rankings in customer satisfaction surveys.