Foresight in sight

Investor Relations

Message from the President & CEO

We aim to solve social issues by providing, to the next generation together with customers and business partners,value capable of enriching society.
March of 2018 marked the 60 th anniversary of the Nihon Unisys Group.

The fiscal year ending March 2018 was a milestone year due to our 60th anniversary in March, 2018. This year happened to be the final year for the previous mid-term management plan spanning from the fiscal year ending March 2016 to the fiscal year ending March 2018. Net income broke its record for the past three consecutive years.

We have made efforts to increase businesses in both the digital and life innovation area where we take on challenges as indicated in the previous mid-term management plan. As a result, we see more seeds steadily sown in these areas and thus we have created a foundation for reforms capable of further growth.

Under our new mid-term management plan (‘Foresight in sight 2020’) launched in the fiscal year ending March 2019, we will define new focal areas where we become a ‘company capable of solving social issues with customers and business partners, by providing services that are valued by society’.
We will be a core capable of creating business ecosystems that connect different types/categories of businesses across conventional boundaries, and provide platforms capable of digital transformation.

We anticipate that our external environment will see: fiercer challenges from unexpected competitors of different industries; and the transformation of the world into a digital society.

We will use the strengths of our group, that have been accumulated, in promoting our key initiatives of the mid-term management plan: selection of and concentration on areas of focus; strengthening of relationships with customers in order to increase their added value; strengthening of capabilities creating platforms capable of business support; corporate culture reform; and investment strategies. We have renewed our determination to aim for a sustainable increase in corporate value.

I gratefully look forward to the continued guidance and encouragement in the years to come.

June 2018