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Investor Relations


Performance and Management

Q1. I'd like to know about past performance trends.


A1.The "Financial Highlights/Data" page carries graphs of business trends for the past 5 years. See "Financial Report" for details for each year.

Q2. Where can I find information on the latest earnings, or quarterly results?


A2.Please check the latest Financial Reports. Please check "IR News" also, as earnings-related releases are sometimes made at times other than earnings announcement dates.

Q3. When are the earnings announcement dates?


A3.In recent years, earnings results are announced in early May, and interim results are announced in early November. Quarterly earnings have also been announced since January 2003. Please check the "IR Calendar" for details.

Q4. What is your Corporate Philosophy?


A4.Please check our Corporate Philosophy.

Q5. Please tell me about trends in your dividends and dividend policy.


A5.Please check our dividend policy and the dividend trends.

Q6. When is the shareholder record date for the dividend payment?


A6.Dividends are paid to shareholders on the Shareholders List or the List of Actual Shareholders as of March 31. Interim dividends are paid to shareholders on the Shareholders List or the List of Actual Shareholders as of September 30. Dividends are paid in June (After the General Shareholders' Meeting) and December respectively.


Q7. What is Nihon Unisys' stock ticker number?


A7.The stock ticker number is 8056. (Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section)

Q8. What is the trading unit of the share?


A8.100 shares (changed from 1000 to 100 shares on August 1, 2000)

Q9. Who is Nihon Unisys' stock transfer agent?


A9.The stock transfer agent is Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

Q10. Do you have special benefit programs for shareholders?


A10.Not at present.

General Questions

Q11. When was the Company established?


A11.On March 29, 1958

Q12. Has the Company changed its name or been involved in mergers in the past?


A12.March 1958 --- Nippon Remington Univac Kaisha, Ltd. established April 1968 --- Name changed to Nippon Univac Kaisha, Ltd. April 1988 --- Nihon Unisys, Ltd. established through merger of Nippon Univac Kaisha, Ltd. and Burroughs Corporation.

Q13. When was the stock listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?


A13.October 1970 --- Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, 2nd Section August 1971 --- Transferred from 2nd section to 1st section

Q14. When is Nihon Unisys' fiscal year-end?


A14.The fiscal year ends on the March 31 each year, and the interim period ends on September 30 each year.

Q15. Please advise Nihon Unisys' capital and the number of shares issued.


A15.Capital --- 5,483,176,200 yen Number of shares issued --- 109,663,524 shares

Q16. Where is Nihon Unisys Head Office located?


A16.1-1 Toyosu 1-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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