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Investor Relations

Message from the President & CEO

We will aim to solve societal issues through business ecosystems enabled by continuing to interconnect services.
I am pleased to report that sales and income for the fiscal year ended March 2017 both increased, resulting in record-setting growth at the bottom line.

The Nihon Unisys group has intensified its efforts to take on challenges for creating business ecosystems and reform itself as indicated in the three-year mid-term management plan launched in the fiscal year ended March 2016. Steady achievements have been witnessed in the fiscal year which is the second year of the plan.

The plan sets the business areas of ‘challenge’ and ‘reform’ as the key strategic areas. The challenge business area consists of ‘digital innovation’ and ‘life innovation’. In the area of digital innovation, we have attempted to further accelerate payment/settlement related businesses that have continued to grow, partly by establishing a new company. In the area of life innovation, various types of services that we continue to provide have come to interconnect themselves further and form constellations that compose business ecosystems intended to solve societal issues.

With respect to changing business ICT platforms, we have continued to reform business models. A smooth transition into service-type businesses has been enabled. Furthermore, we have steadily implemented investment strategies in order to accelerate creation of new businesses through open innovation.

We would like to contribute continuously to society through our business activities. I gratefully look forward to the continued guidance and encouragement from all our shareholders and investors in the years to come.

June 2017